Negative Effects Of Land Clearing

Land Clearing may be also known as deforestation since it is the removal of the plants and trees in the land in order to use it for other purposes such as agriculture. Although land clearing is a common practice there are many harmful effects it has not only on the people but many other factors as well. Land clearing is considered a productive solution for land which is left untouched but it isn’t the case. The rise in the understanding of environmental issues and the increased protection methods have greatly discouraged land clearing. Although many may consider land clearance important due to rise in population it is important that every individual considers all the negative effects before they clear land even if it is a small part of the land.


A main reason why land clearance is discouraged is because of the damages caused to the plants. The trees not only maintain an ecological balance and provide clean air but the roots also protect the ground from flooding and other harmful effects. The plants and trees are the main sources of food and shelter to the animals in the area as well. Many people residing in neighbouring areas may also have benefited from the rare plants found in the land. Therefore land clearance must be avoided or if necessary it is important that flora and fauna consultants Victoria are made to ensure that their isn’t irreversible damage caused due to land clearance.


Land which isn’t utilised by humans are homes to various species of animals and the increase in land clearance have not only displaced the animals but is also known to be a cause for extinction of certain animals. By destroying the trees and plants in the land the animals are forced to move into other areas thereby endangering people living in the surrounding areas as well. Ecological research must be conducted by professionals to ensure that the animals in the land will be capable of finding a new home without endangering themselves or the people.


Land clearance is a top cause for extreme changes in the climate conditions in several places. Lack of natural resources and the imbalance in the ecosystem has significantly affected the climate conditions. Many areas which are cleared for human use have become drylands due to lack of water in the soil as well as drought.ErosionSoil erosion is a common effect of land clearance because of the lack of roots in trees to help steady the soil and reduce exposure to natural damages.

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